William Ricketson House, Circa 1856, Ricketson

According to Carroll Bolton, this landmark was built by William Absalom Ricketson and his wife Catherine Jackson, circa 1856. They and other family members are buried in the cemetery on the property. Originally from England the family immigrated around 1659 to Dartmouth, Massachusetts. [They] came to Georgia by way of North Carolina…The house as it stands today, sadly lost one of its chimneys several years ago. Various members of the family have occupied the house since its construction.

Regarding the community, Greg Morrison, who lives nearby, notes: The Ricketson area was a militia district as well as Reese, Newsomes, Neals and English. All these areas are geographically connected and were all named for men who served in the Revolutionary War. He also suggests that he understands that this house was originally a dogtrot.

1 thought on “William Ricketson House, Circa 1856, Ricketson

  1. ben dooley

    Interesting old house Brian. It is unusual in that it has 2 of what I have heard referred to as ”preachers” rooms on the front porch…a room where the circuit riding preachers could bunk-in when arriving late after the family had retired for the evening.


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