Fitzgerald’s Historic Lynwood School Being Demolished

When word came recently that my old elementary school was being demolished, I was already expecting it but it still brought a rush of emotions. This is where I spent most of my life from the 1st through 7th grades.

I made this photograph of the school in 2010.For more photographs and a bit of history, visit the original post.

Ben Hill, like many Georgia counties, had a city and county school system well into the late 20th century. Lynwood was the county school. During my lifetime, it was officially known as Ben Hill County Elementary School.

The structure has been vacant for quite a few years and has been deteriorating.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of old schoolhouses like this wasting away all over Georgia.

A few counties have successfully put theirs to use, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

People always ask why a place like this is torn down and not put to good use.

The answer is never simple, and can be attributed to numerous factors, including political calculations, lack of funding, and the absence of a community effort.

In the case of Lynwood, a recent explanation arose of the need for a traffic roundabout on the adjacent state highway.

I hope the roundabout makes the area safer, but I know I’ll miss my old school on the hill.

Following are interior shots made just before the deconstruction was complete.


Side hallway (this was the way to the concession stand).



Auditorium seats


Auditorium (looking toward lobby)

Auditorium (looking toward stage)


10 thoughts on “Fitzgerald’s Historic Lynwood School Being Demolished

  1. Garrett Yarbrough

    I remember all the memories going to school here in the 1980’s. Everything Brian mentioned, from jumping Jack’s with Mr Thomas, to the concession stand,, yes what memories. They made a poor choice with doing away with this gem. Would have been nice if you could have taken some photos inside before the demolition grew even got there. 😣😒

    1. Cara Cobb

      Fitzgerald did have a plan to save many of the historic homes… but forgot about this building and the downtown area. Remember Fred’s DepArtment store and the Coke plant?

  2. Gina Flanagan

    My sister shared this with me. Thanks for the article, Brian, hope you’re doing well.
    ~Gina Walker

  3. Carol A Norton

    I hope some of the distinctive feature–like the cupola and fanlight can be re-purposed somewhere. If nothing else put it in a flower bed in front of city hall with a marker. What a heartbreak to lose this gem of a building.

  4. Ryan Clements

    Is this the school off of GA Hwy 90 and Lower Rebecca Road near the newer Dollar General? I think I remember seeing that old school on the hill in my travels over that way. Sad they could not renovate it. Thank you for your work in documenting these historic places.

    1. Brad King

      Yes that is the school off of GA Hwy 90 and Lower Rebecca Road near the Dollar General, you are right


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