Gaskins School, 1900s, Weber

The two-room Gaskins School is located in the Weber community. Bryan Shaw of the Berrien County Historical Society notes that it was built prior to 1908. After consolidation, a larger building was constructed adjacent to this schoolhouse and it was used as the lunchroom.

Shaw also states that the consolidated school was moved off the property when it closed, and was remodeled by Sheriff Walter Gaskins for use as his home.


3 thoughts on “Gaskins School, 1900s, Weber

  1. l. willis

    hi.i am trying to find info on my great,great, great grandfathers plantation back in in berrien county north of the turner church area my late uncle mentioned that it was in that area close to the alapaha riverin that area , does anyone know of this plantation that was owned by a Edward Dixon back in i860s? any info would be appreciated more than you may know,from l. willis.jennifers sister.jenniferlwillis

  2. J.B. Angelo Crowe

    It’s always to see old school houses still standing. It’s too bad that too many of our historic buildings are being demolished without without regard to the importance of such.

    Brian, I have a 1848 log cabin (which I grew up in) still standing on my property. I still enjoy sitting on the front porch enjoying the sunsets and listening to the rain on the tin roof. (It’s raining now and I’m on the porch).
    It would be nice to have you visit me in Wheeler County.
    J.B. Angelo Crowe
    11 Rosa Crowe Lane
    Helena, Ga 31037


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