Lake Primitive Baptist Church, 1839, Candler County

One of the most historic congregations in the county, and one of the oldest Primitive Baptist congregations in existence, Lake Primitive Baptist Church traces its origins to 1823, when settlement in this section of Georgia was beginning to take hold. Several sources note that the present structure was built in 1839, but I’m unable to confirm at this time. In design, it is quite similar to Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist, nearby. The adjacent Lake Cemetery is the largest in Candler County.

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  1. Today I have finally figured out who my great grandmother was. Her name was Helen Brown wife of J.L. Wilson and she was buried at Lake Cemetery in 1950 after a stove fire accident. She was only 22 and my grandmother was a toddler. This has taken me years to put together as her and her brother were adopted out in NC after Helen passed. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your photos, I truly appreciate them!

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