Cave Spring Baptist Church, 1851

Cave Spring Baptist Church [presently First Baptist Church of Cave Spring] was constituted on 24 September 1836 and is third oldest Baptist congregation in Northwest Georgia. Before this elegantly simple Greek Revival structure was built in 1851, they met in a general store and a dormitory of the Hearn School. Early members were instrumental in the establishment of the Georgia School for the Deaf.

As the congregation grew in the early 20th century, they decided to build a new church home, selling this structure in 1931 to Dr. Joseph Rolater for inclusion in a community park. It remains a beloved reminder of simpler times.

Rolater Park Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


1 thought on “Cave Spring Baptist Church, 1851

  1. Jack Vann

    PRIOR TO THE cHEROKEE ‘s ewmoval is itknown where Avery Vann livedi before making his home in Cave springs Can you furnish the names of his children.Did he have follks that lived in Polk county and Cobb/Paulding counties. prior to the removal of of the Cherkees.


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