Taylorsville, Georgia

In History of Bartow County, Formerly Cass [originally published in 1933], Lucy Josephine Cunyus wrote: The town which would become Taylorsville was carved out of an agricultural community whose fortunes were greatly enhanced by the completion of the Cartersville & Van Wert Railroad in 1870, which connected to the Western & Atlantic Railroad in Cartersville. An immediate result of the railroad was that a new town was laid out on property belonging to Thomas Ausley and Israel P. Davis of Polk County. A post office had already been established in 1856 and had been given the name of Mountain House. It served the community until 1860 with Benjamin Franklin Williams serving as postmaster. Taylorsville was named for Edward Gammage Taylor, who completed the town survey. Mr. Ausley was thought to be the first mayor. The first house was built by John Loudermilk east of the town. Some of the first merchants were J. M. Smith, Sr. and Rowan Hanie. Taylorsville was not officially incorporated until August 19,1916, with J. W. Kennedy as mayor and both W. M. Dorsey and W. D. Trippe as alderman. The town cemetery, known today as the Old Taylorsville Church Cemetery, lies partly in Polk County. Israel P. Davis was the first to be buried, as he gave the land for it.

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