Bartow County Courthouse, 1902, Cartersville

This courthouse replaced an 1869 courthouse [still standing] and was designed by Georgia’s most prolific courthouse architect, J. W. Golucke.

National Register of Historic Places


1 thought on “Bartow County Courthouse, 1902, Cartersville


    My Family on my Mother’s side have a lot of History in Bartow County, Georgia.
    In fact a relative Sussie Cunyus wrote a Book,
    The History of Bartow County, which is
    out of print at this time.
    The Brandon, Skannal, Conyers, Cunyus and other families that are my relatives.
    The well known , Thomas W. Brandon are all relatives. The Brandon Chapel should be
    The Brandon Family’s graves are located on the Property of the Georgia Power Plant.
    I have tried to reach someone after hearing the closure of the Power Plant, but no reply.
    My Great Grand Mother, Nannie C Skannal is
    Buried at Raccon Baptist Church along with her Son, Charles Frazier Skannal.
    A lot of Family History in Bartow County.
    My Grandfather Abel Cunyus Skannal taught my Grandmother at the Stilesboro Academy,
    which still stands today. I have been there on tow occasions for they have the “May
    Day Picnics” held on the first Saturday of May..
    General Sherman left it standing during the Civil War. Over the stage, I believe states,
    In “ IN GOD WE TRUST”. I was told he used it as Headquarters and Stables.
    Yes, indeed Georgia has a lot of my Family’s
    History. I cherish the book that my Cousin,
    Joseph Green Brandon, Jr sent me, The
    History of Bartow County by Susie Cunyus.


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