Ahmaud Arbery Mural, Brunswick

Today, Ahmaud Arbery should be celebrating his 27th birthday with his family and loved ones, but on 3 February 2020, while jogging in a “white” neighborhood, he became yet another needless victim of racial violence. Unarmed, he was killed in cold blood by a retired law enforcement officer who apparently took offense to the mere presence of an athletic young black man in his neighborhood. This man presumed that Arbery’s race made him a suspect in a spate of recent robberies and acted as judge, jury, and executioner. To make matters worse, the local district attorney didn’t even think Arbery’s death met the definition of murder and charges weren’t brought against the perpetrators until it became a national news story. At this writing, the killer’s son and another man have also been charged not only with murder, but with hate crimes. As a white man, I am disgusted by the racists who committed the crime and the legal system’s abject but unsurprising failure.

The whole affair makes me angry but it’s nice to see this mural in the heart of Brunswick’s African-American community, on Albany Street. It was painted by Brunswick-born Miami artist Marvin Weeks and aims to educate and bring together all who deplore this inexcusable crime. The structure on which it is painted will soon become an African-American cultural center.

5 thoughts on “Ahmaud Arbery Mural, Brunswick

  1. peace98368

    Many thanks for taking these photos and posting them. Very important work. I hope you share to your FB page so I can share them. Most of my friends in Alaska and Washington state do not know I grew up in Glynn County. I’m still shocked. I’m also curious about the building itself…it has some interesting decorative features. What do you know about the history of this building? Looking forward the the trials.

  2. Mallory A. Haws

    I consider Ahmaud Arbery’s slaughter (lynching) the beginning of the horrors of 2020, and though his death hasn’t gained the notice that the murders of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor elicited, it still cries out for justice. In spite of tragedy, this beautiful mural shines Light and compassion.

    Marvin Weeks, you are an Angel on Earth. All our gratitude.

  3. David Harrison

    Brian, many, many thanks for the photo and comments that I echo. Calling attention to the entire outrage by a simple photograph is something that needs to be done. I look forward to learning of the progress of the new center… and the trials.

    I appreciate all the work that you do.


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