Robert Byrd Wright, Jr., House, 1961, Moultrie

This imposing villa was built by the nationally-renowned Moultrie architect William Frank McCall, Jr., for his friend Robert Byrd “Brother” Wright, Jr. It is more than just an unusually formal home for South Georgia; its facade was rescued from the old Paramount Theatre, an Atlanta landmark designed by the great classicist Philip Trammell Shutze. The Paramount, which opened in 1920 as the Howard Theatre, was demolished in 1960. A wonderful book about the house and its quirky history, Twice Told Tales of a Southern Palazzo, was written by McCall’s nephew, John Clark McCall, Jr. John has been a delightful correspondent and very helpful in sharing the legacy of his uncle Frank.

4 thoughts on “Robert Byrd Wright, Jr., House, 1961, Moultrie

  1. Gary Pinholster

    I remember Frank McCall many years ago back in the 1970s and 1980s. At the time I worked as a sales representative for a wallcoving company and he was a customer. We had some great conversations and my sales calls with Frank were always interesting. He was a very talented man.

  2. theatreorganman

    Brian, splendid write-up, and thanks for the reference to my book (available on Amazon). One slight correction: there are two L’s in “Trammell.” I had a problem with same as this great classicist pops up in the narrative of this book, page after page.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      John, I fixed it, and thanks for letting me know. I’m often “multi-tasking” which is never good 🙂 The weather was just dreadful when we were in Moultrie, so I want to go back and get photos of ALL of Frank’s houses. The online “map” is lacking, so I may have to bend your ear some more. Thanks for all of your help.


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