Salem Baptist Church, 1922, Fitzgerald

Salem Baptist was established in 1907 and the present structured erected in 1922. Reverend M. J. Morris was pastor. The board of deacons included J. E. Varnado, G. T. Cason, J. G. Crumley, H. Buchanon, E. L. Smith, R. D. Dixson, and M. T. Taylor. Reverend J. H. Johnson was pastor in charge of the construction.


1 thought on “Salem Baptist Church, 1922, Fitzgerald

  1. Leland Victor McGough

    I believe my maternal grandfather, Will Hobbs, was a minister for a Methodit Church in Fitzgerald. i’m not sure what years. I remember my mother and my aunts talking about, “when we lived in Fitzgerald.” Whenever you get to the Methodist Church there if there still is one, could you check to see if his name is mentioned anywher. Love you postings. Always look forward to seeing them.


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