Historic Farmstead, Dodge County

This historic farm in northern Dodge County is amazingly intact and a wonderful example of a self-sufficient agricultural enterprise. It likely dates to the late 19th century, with expansions made over the years.

The farm is anchored by this Folk Victorian house, an outstanding example of the form.

The defining features of the house are the cutout porch posts. Whereas most Folk Victorians use machine-turned posts to embellish an otherwise plain structure, these examples appear to have been personally designed by the home’s builder, who obviously had specialized carpentry skills.

In addition to the majestic cedar trees flanking the house, camellias planted long ago continue to thrive.

Several historic outbuildings survive, illustrating the progression of the property well into the 20th century.

2 thoughts on “Historic Farmstead, Dodge County

  1. Teresa Miller

    I’d like to know the address of this farmhouse, As I am looking for a old place to purchase in this county, any info of this matter will help.


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