Plantation Plain House, Circa 1824, Zebulon

This landmark is presently being restored. Becky Clark Watts shares, via Lynn Ballard Cunningham: The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McKinley on Jackson Street was one of the houses built in ‘Old Newnan,’ Pike’s first ‘capital.’ It was moved to Zebulon with the county seat, and would thus date circa 1824. Originally it had two rooms and a hall downstairs and two rooms up. A shed room was added later. At one time there was a second story porch.

During remodeling several years ago, a reddish wood, probably heart pine, “…too hard to saw,” was uncovered in the walls. The house has four fireplaces, and the downstairs mantel pieces and the front door have handsome hand carving. The ceilings, walls and floors, once wide boards, have now been covered, and shingles had been placed over the old clapboards. The stone chimney still stands, though brick was added to make them higher and reduce the danger of fire.

1 thought on “Plantation Plain House, Circa 1824, Zebulon

  1. Sharon

    Wow! Nearly two hundred years old! Please photograph and post again when present renovation is complete. Always wonderful to see history protected. Bless all who care.


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