S. B. Vaughters Dairy Barn, 1947, DeKalb County

DeKalb County was still largely rural and one of the leading dairy counties in Georgia in 1947 when S. B. Vaughters built this barn to house Jersey cows at his farm, one of the most successful in the area. It later housed Angus cattle and horses, before being sold to the state for perpetual preservation in 2002. Restored in 2018, the barn is located on Panola Mountain State Park and is part of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

2 thoughts on “S. B. Vaughters Dairy Barn, 1947, DeKalb County

  1. brill63

    Thanks for visiting DeKalb County. This is where I have lived my entire life. I was born in 1963 but I still remember when I was a child that DeKalb was mostly dairy farms transitioning into the new suburbs of Atlanta. I love Georgia history and we have so little in DeKlab, I REALLy appreceiate the documentation.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Great to hear from you. There is, as you point out, very little history left in DeKalb, but there are still some amazing places I’d like to document. I can only imagine having lived there through the transition from semi-rural to urban. I’d visit more often but the traffic keeps me away!


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