James Lemon House, 1856, Acworth

James Lile Lemon (27 October 1835-12 June 1907), and his brother, Smith Lemon, were among the earliest settlers of Acworth. James and his wife Mary Davenport Lemon built this home in 1856, four years before the town’s incorporation. It began as a small farmhouse and was expanded into a modified Plantation Plain. The portico was added in 1890, replacing a two-story porch.

Major General William T. Sherman stayed in the house during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain [6-9 June 1864]. Some sources also note that the house was used as a hospital. It is said that Sherman ordered the house burned but it was spared when a lieutenant ordered other fires to be ceased.

Descendants of the James and Mary Lemon still own and maintain this important home.


1 thought on “James Lemon House, 1856, Acworth

  1. Yolanda Simpson

    It’s a exquisite home . I love to visit one day if possible so much history. We are blessed to be able to see even if it’s by driving by . The house is so beautiful.


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