Temple Beth El, 1947, Dalton

The Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities notes: Antebellum Dalton had few if any Jews to speak of. Though more commercially open and successful than towns like it, Dalton was still emblematic of what historian Douglas Flamming called “hilly upcountry,” marked by “its self-sufficient yeoman farmers and its economic isolation.”It was only with the advent of the industrial New South that a Jewish presence developed in Dalton.

By 1938, Dalton’s small Jewish community formed the “Friendly Alliance”, for the purpose of hosting minyans and coming together for High Holiday services in the Loveman Library. By 1941, plans to build a synagogue were made, but World War II delayed progress. The new temple was formally dedicated on 9 March 1947 and has served the community since then, albeit a smaller one today.

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