Hunter’s Cafe, 1951, Shellman Bluff

Hunter’s Cafe is one of the best loved local hangouts on the Georgia coast and it’s the epicenter of “downtown” Shellman Bluff. Open since 1951, it’s located in a World War II-era army barrack acquired as surplus from nearby Fort Stewart.

It’s a no-frills kind of place that caters to locals while welcoming the occasional tourist. If you’re in a rush, go elsewhere, because they don’t get in a hurry here. If you read internet reviews, you’ll hear people complaining about the wait time, but that misses the point of Hunter’s Cafe. It’s as much about the experience and atmosphere as it is the food. The original section of the restaurant feels like a neighborhood gathering place, and the bar, added in the 1970s, has the ambiance of a classic dive. And the staff are very welcoming and friendly, even if you’re not a local.

The food is really good. I visited with my parents and my aunt. My mother ordered fried green tomatoes, which I generally don’t care for, as an appetizer. There was something different about the Hunter’s version and I enjoyed them. I also don’t care for battered french fries, but their perfectly floured shoestring potatoes were memorable and way above average. The fresh Georgia shrimp was excellent, as it must be in a place like this, and it was accompanied by the most perfectly fried hush puppy to be found, amazingly light and flavorful. My mother and I agreed we could have made a meal of the hush puppies.

6 thoughts on “Hunter’s Cafe, 1951, Shellman Bluff

  1. Sharon

    Brian, this posting is a bit unusual and enigmatic – as in, What am I looking at, and what is its meaning? Is that real money gracing several surfaces? What is papering the walls? Patriotic owners? The photos picture the ambience. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dean

      Yup, those are 71 years of dollar bills posted on the walls by customers/friends. Come on down to the Bluff and you can stick one up yourself (if you can find room!) I’m just sorry he didn’t turn around after that first picture and snap one of our beautiful view of the salt marshes and the Julienton River!

      1. Brian Brown Post author

        Dean- I’ll be back. I didn’t have my real camera, just my phone camera, at that time. I agree about that scene along the river there. Amazing spot.

      2. Sharon

        Dean, thanks for your reply. I hope Brian does return for more photos. Looks and sounds like an amazing place.


        What is the address for Hunters Cafe, what are the hours and how do I get there from Folkston, Ga.

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