Peches Stand, Putnam County

The “PECHES” sign on U.S. Highway 441 near Rock Eagle has always caught my attention. I believe this produce stand was in business as far back as my college days in the early 1990s, and possibly long before that.* The owners have obviously repainted the sign, and I’m sure they know by now that “peaches” is misspelled, but everyone has gotten so used to it that they wouldn’t have it any other way. It truly is a landmark of the area.

It turns out the well-loved stand has been open in one incarnation or another since the 1950s, and, yes, the misspelling is intentional, at least at this point. Some suggested Peches was the owner’s surname, but I never found anything to support this.

15 thoughts on “Peches Stand, Putnam County

  1. Daniel

    No the owners last name was never Peches. And my great grandfather was the original owner and my father helped build the place. It is correct that the word “Peches” is French. It means ” Peach Trees” Its crazy how rumors spread over time.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks, Daniel. I never though that was correct which is why I didn’t add it. I’d love to know more about your grandfather. That place has been a landmark forever, apparently.

  2. Charles Murphy

    I enjoyed this article and very rarely comment but I remember stopping at this produce stand way before the 1990’s. If I remember correctly it must have been sometime in the late 50’s or early 60’s when I visited this place.

  3. Phyllis Diane Allmond

    The Lake Oconee Magazine featured an article about this produce stand a few years ago. They interviewed the owners who said the misspelling is intentional to draw attention to the business.


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