Hall-and-Parlor Cottage, Scarboro

This small home is a survivor of the days when Scarboro was a prominent settlement, its economy dependent on the Ogeechee River.


6 thoughts on “Hall-and-Parlor Cottage, Scarboro

  1. Deb Blackburn

    Yes, the road on the opposite side of 17 has what I believe was a boarding house and a 2 story white home. I’ve got pictures on my Facebook. I’ll send you a friend request.

      1. Deb Blackburn

        What is additionally fascinating is the cemetery. There are at least 20 graves that have been taken over by the woods. The last time I visited it appeared that someone had flagged some, so perhaps an anthropologist is interested in protecting what remains of their memorials.

        Behind those graves, headed in the direction of the river are two brick restrooms. I am so curious about them. Were they part of a larger building? Was this area more of a formal park for swimmers? I have so many questions…

    1. Ginger rahn

      Hello I read your reply to the hall and parlor cottage in Scarborough. Could you tell me if that’s the place near cooperville and where the location is

  2. Deb Blackburn

    Scarboro is unique because the remaining houses that you can see here are two story. The railroad was also a vital part of this former community.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I’m only familiar with the Frawley House. Have I missed some houses? And yes, the Central of Georgia was a very important component of their economy. I think it was Central of Georgia.


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