Frank & Co. Dry Goods Mural, Savannah

I love seeing old murals around Savannah. They often bring character to otherwise easily overlooked places. Frank & Co. was a thriving dry goods wholesaler in late-19th-century Savannah.

Savannah National Historic Landmark District


4 thoughts on “Frank & Co. Dry Goods Mural, Savannah

  1. Rafe Semmes

    Unusual angle to the roof line. Any idea why? This was on what was originally West Broad Street; later renames MLK Boulevard. I believe it is now owned by SCAD.

      1. Rafe Semmes

        This was a dry goods company well into the mid-1980’s. They had a store at Oglethorper Mall for several years, Linens & Things, I think it was. I interviewed with the owners for a position as warehouse manager in the mid-1980’s; I forget their names, a couple as I recall. I didn’t get the job, but that was OK; They closed the firm a couple of years later, and I got a job that eventually led me to the o9ne I’ve had for 30+ years now.

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