Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park, Dublin

This mural, completed in 2018, imagines a young girl’s hope for a better tomorrow and is the highlight of Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park, at the gateway to downtown Dublin.

Located across from the First African Baptist Church, it honors Dr. King’s first speech and the roots of the Civil Rights movement that sprung from it. It is the work of Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale.

It’s a small park, but packs a lot of history and art into the space. An audio program can be activated, telling the story of King’s important visit to Dublin.

A beautiful sculpture by Mr. Barksdale, Freedom Ascension, is also located in the park.

A nice photo mural by Randall Gearhart features the interior of the church.

In addition to the work in the park, a sculpture by Dublin resident Juan Lleras honoring the architecture of First African Baptist Church and hopeful for a new generation to carry Dr. King’s legacy forward, is located across the street in the churchyard.

Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Trail

1 thought on “Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park, Dublin

  1. Rafe Semmes

    This post reminded me of a wonderful mural on the back wall of the building next to the vacant old Ace Hardware building in downtown Brunswick. It faces the back entrance of the Brunswick library on Gloucester and Bay Streets. I see it every time I pull into that back parking lot to take donations to the Friends of the Library resale shop in the back of the building. It is of a lovely young black girl, with a gorgeous colorful butterfly flying above her, symbolizing (I suppose) her dreams. I don’t know the story behind it, but it is a beautiful mural.


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