Stephen M. & Narcissus Spooner Memorials, Miller County

Narcissus Elizabeth Dixon Spooner (4 March 1828-6 August 1911), Primitive Union Cemetery

These austere Victorian memorials stand in stark contrast to the whimsical memorial for Kenn Blankenship, located a few lots away in Primitive Union Cemetery. They’re among the finest of their type in South Georgia. They sit atop pedestals and are life size; with the pedestals, they’re at least 8 feet in height. Mrs. Spooner holds her Bible, and Mr. Spooner wears a Masonic symbol near his waist.

Stephen Morrow Spooner (1 May 1823-14 October 1901), Primitive Union Cemetery

The Spooners were pioneers of the area and, obviously, very prominent citizens. The memorial for their son, Joseph James Spooner, at Olive Grove Cemetery in nearby Seminole County, is also among the finest in the region. [I’ll update with a view of Mr. and Mrs. Spooner in perspective as soon as possible].


1 thought on “Stephen M. & Narcissus Spooner Memorials, Miller County

  1. Jill Kirkland

    Brian – these are my 3x great grandparents. Their granddaughter, Callie, was my great grandmother – who I am named after. Union Primitive Baptist Church sat at the crossroads of Enterprise Road and Kirkland Road before the tornado knocked it off its foundation. The two memorials were handcraved in Italy and shipped to the United States. They have been there for as long as I can remember so I’m not sure exactly when they arrived.


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