Kudzu Barn, Damascus

I’ve talked about the destructive powers of kudzu before and this photograph, dating to 2012 illustrates it well. Kudzu invasions are a very popular subject with Southern photographers, almost obligatory for those who document the backroads. The “Vine that Ate the South” may have taken this old barn down by now.


3 thoughts on “Kudzu Barn, Damascus

  1. Jimmy Dunn

    In the Summertime the old barn is practically hidden by the Kudzu, FYI, Check out the old log cabin on Clay Brown Road in Miller Co., Not the new one at the intersection of Harmony Church Rd.

  2. Mark Helfer

    I sure have seen this vine while driving through the South. From what I’ve read about Kudzu, it was originally brought in and planted in the South to help with erosion issues.


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