Ebenezer A. M. E. Church & Cemetery, Clay County

I believe this congregation dates to the early 20th century. They discontinued services in 2015.

Ebenezer Cemetery

The historic cemetery at Ebenezer is typical of small rural congregations. A mix of vernacular and commercial stones are present. The disproportionate number of veterans buried here is notable, proof that this isolated community believed in service, even in an era when its members did not have equal rights. I think it speaks volumes to their character.

I’m sharing a few random examples in no particular order.

Wise Liberty (birth and death dates unknown)

Maurene “Honey” Still (30 September 1917-9 September 2021)

Aunt Honey & Jesus Had a Good Thing Going- According to her obituary, Aunt Honey was a beloved member of Ebenezer from her youth until the church disbanded.

Joseph Williams, Private, US Army, World War II (30 August 1909-24 March 1967)

Eddy Byrd Stringer, US Navy, (19 May 1922-31 May 2005)

Reginald Grant, PFC, US Army (1951-3 August 2014)

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