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Brantley-Haynes Memorial at Gray’s Landing, Toombs County


This monument was placed memory of Bennie, Gladys, Faye & Samuel Brantley, and Franklin Haynes, who lost their lives in a boating accident at Gray’s Landing on 12 July 1956. Belinda Brantley writes: My husband had this placed, I think in the 90s. He said that he couldn’t give his Daddy (Bennie) and his sister (Gladys) anything else. My husband was in the boat also, but a bystander jumped in to save him. His mother could never find out who it was, but my husband met the man at Cornerstone Baptist one night, thanks to Roy Mimbs. He was on leave at the time of the accident, and went back to the Navy a day or two later. Like Frankie said it was a day no one that was there could ever forget. Frankie Haynes Astrauckus recalls: I was in the accident that day at Gray’s Landing. I’ve never been back. Today online, I saw the Memorial placed there in memory of my father, Frank Haynes, Uncle Benny Brantley, cousins, Gladys, Faye and Skeets (Samuel). It’s touching and it is beautiful. Thank you to all the people who came along side our family the days following… Thank you for placing that Memorial to remind us of many things… as a community we lost family, friends and neighbors. Life changed for many of us that afternoon. The loss was profound and they are still missed by those of us who knew them. Some of them were heroes amidst the calamity. I know, I experienced what it means, “greater love has no man than this, that he that would lay down his life for his friends’. That morning as we were on the way to Gray’s Landing, Gladys, Faye and I were singing an old song, “How Far is Heaven”. (I think it was popular in the 50s). They found out- that same day!


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Train Disaster Memorial, Meldrim


This plaque was placed in memory of the 23 victims of the 28 June 1959 Seaboard Air Line railroad disaster on the Ogeechee River trestle near Meldrim. A fuel car derailed into the river and the ensuing explosion took the lives of many who had gathered on a nearby sandbar. Those who perished were: Jimmy Anderson, Elizabeth Dixon Barnes, Ted Barnes, Julian Beasley, Linda Jean Beasley, Reba Lamb Beasley, Michael Bland, Charles Carpenter, Billy Dent, Joan Dent, Edna Dixon, Frank Dixon, Barbara Hales, Claudia Johnson, L. B. Lamb, Terry Lane, Elbie Lane, Florence Lane, Leslie Lee, James Smith, Margie Hales Smith, Timothy Smith, Wayne Smith.


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