Alapaha United Methodist Church, Circa 1882

The date for the organization or building of this church is not known, but the property for the present location was deeded in 1882. In the…beginning, there were few male members, so the lady stewards went from store to store asking for donations to pay the preacher on each “preaching day.”

A Woman’s Missionary Society began in 1933. In the 1940s, an annex was built from lumber purchased from the old Baptist church as it was torn down. In the 1950s, a tornado damaged the sanctuary and so it was remodeled.



5 thoughts on “Alapaha United Methodist Church, Circa 1882

  1. James Duke, Jr.

    My father was pastor there 1948-50. We went there 2 Sundays a month, morning and evening, as part of the 6-Church Willacoochee Circuit. A lot of the faculty of the Alapaha High School worshipped there; Dad called this his “little tall steeple church.” I also have fond memories!

  2. Kenneth Taylor

    My father was pastor of Alapaha UMC from 1989 to 1991. I have fond memories of this congregation.

    1. drtrd Post author

      Thanks for the memories you shared Kenneth! It’s a beautiful church, and I’m sure it has a wonderful congregation. Glad you have such good remembrances of your time there!


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