Eldorado, Georgia

I believe the Adcock Grocery is the building on the right and the old post office is on the left.


6 thoughts on “Eldorado, Georgia

  1. Janna B.

    Small building on the left was a little country grocery store. I remember going there when i was a little girl. I think the building on the right was an old fire station? I grew up around the corner on Lake Larry.

    1. Cheyenne Howell

      I grew up in Eldorado. The store beside the firehouse was called , Howell’s Grocery. The store building beside the old post office building was Adcock’s Grocery. TOTALY different place than what it once was. Pink and Ruth Crisp ran the Post Office. Great Memories.

  2. Roger Marchant

    Picture suggestion the” old magnolia tree”. The garden club use to maintain it.Less than half mile from where this shot was taken .So large a farmer once pruned and used as a shed for combine.


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