Autry Cown’s Store, Wenona

Thanks to Allen Musselwhite for the identification.


6 thoughts on “Autry Cown’s Store, Wenona

  1. Tommy D.Helms

    I remember Mr. Aurty Crown’s store very well. During the 50’s I bought gas on many ocasions. My parents shopped there back in the during the 1940’s. He was a great person.

  2. April

    This looks like the one on 41 near Firetower Rd. Me being a kid walking the road a few years back, I was very interested in the place and wandered around it a little since I’m a history nut. I believe there is an old car inside that you can just barely see through the back. Although, you’re right, there is another near the old trampoline place. Guess I haven’t been by there enough to remember the difference :p And I’m definitely not old enough to remember anything useful about them. But it’s a wonderful photo 🙂

  3. Lori Odom Jones

    Thanks to Mr. Mussellwhite for the corrections. I went down that way a little while back and you are absolutely correct! I do remember this store now. It was right across from the old Trampoline place. Sadly, last year my niece died in a car accident less than a mile away. I remember stopping at this store too but I believe we started going to Mr. Morgan’s store after this one.

  4. Lori Jones

    This is Mr Morgan’s store. When I was about 6 years old I guess, we would stop here for gas on our way to Cordele. We lived just over the county line in Worth Co near Acorn Pond Church. I can’t remember Mr. Morgan’s first name, but I know he had a son named Bryce. This was back in the days when they pumped your gas for you and I remember it so well! Incidentally, my niece was killed in an auto accident near here just this month.

    1. allen musselwhite

      this isn’t Bay Morgan’s old store.This is Autry Cown’s store at the intersection of hwy 41 and hwy 33. Igrew up just south of Bay Morgans store and traveled past both stores twice a day for about 30 years


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