Chero-Cola Mural, Cordele


8 thoughts on “Chero-Cola Mural, Cordele

  1. avongranny

    I currently live right down the road from the old Chero-Cola store. It is a shame that the people who own these buildings will not fix them up and either sell or rent them. Plenty of people here need a decent place to live, at affordable prices. We have so many old homes and stores that just sit vacant and deteriorate.

  2. Fred Gleaton

    There is a webpage written by a fellow which has a lot of stories about growing up in Cordele. One of the stories is about his having worked at the Crisp theater as a ticket taker and usher. Mac Hyman lived up the street and was a frequent movie goer with his wife, but also spent time outside, smoking with the writer. Good stuff.

  3. Pamela Williams

    Does anyone have any pictures of the old Swuanee Hotel before it burned? My aunt used to work & kive there. And also the old Crisp Theater…Would love to see some of those!

  4. Melvin Wright

    This page is awesome, but I cannot BELIEVE you didn’t include a photo of the Cordele Billiard Parlor, home of the best chili dogs, scramble dogs and Irish stew, anywhere in the South.


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