Towns, Georgia

towns ga telfair county abandoned store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


6 thoughts on “Towns, Georgia

  1. Charles Stephenson

    My grandfather was born in Towns in 1937 and has told stories to us and would like to have copies of old pictures from back then. Stephenson family also related to the Browning family. Thanks.

      1. Charles Stephenson

        Wow glad to to know his grandfather was George w browning that is in Springhill cemetery.

  2. Quincy Webb

    When the road was paved the old flowing well (artesian) had to be moved, they ran the line to the ditch, and there is A trickle to this very day, the one in Scotland still visable flows. I am told that these wells will not flow up like this unless the land is below sealevel

  3. Quincy Webb

    I was born on Scotland road in Towns Ga. Oct. 25th 1933 the building that you show stands next to where the old grist mill stood, it was powered by an old ships engine, cooled by an artesian well that would flow through it , behind the grist mill stood A cotton gin next to the gin was A turpintine still——one Hotel maby two, depot , A flowing well in the middle of town, post office, numerious stores, it was A busy town in its day, at my age I find myself looking back more than forward. Thanks for the memory!

    1. drtrd Post author

      I’m amazed that there was so much going in Towns back then. It’s sad that this is what remains of the place…many of my Browning relatives were from the area of Scotland.


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