Bank & U.S. Post Office, Scotland

Carolyn Wilson wrote that this structure was torn down in 2012. It’s really a shame as it was  one of the best reminders of Scotland’s earlier boom times. Ron Monroe is leading an effort to produce a replica of the structure for the local museum. You can contact him at (229) 362-4664. You can also contact him at gailmonroe2000ATyahooDOTcom.

9 thoughts on “Bank & U.S. Post Office, Scotland

  1. Wilma Joy Griffeth

    Brian I am so appreciative of your work! I was in Scotland this weekend and was given a tour of the museum by Ann Murphy. I had to go pick her up at her house and take her down with the key to see it all because it was Friday not a normal tour day. She was so gracious. I too am heartbroken that the bank was torn down. It seems to me it could have been saved. Your work is important, and books properly named. “Vanishing…..”, Joy Griffeth

      1. Ron Monroe

        I met with the Scotland City Council on Monday July 16th and ask that they delay giving away the remains of the old Bank/Post Office until their next meeting August 13th to allow me time to put together a plan to rebuild the structure as a replica to be used as a museum. If anyone would like to help with this endover, please contact me at (229)362-4664 or Ron at Thank You for this great site. Ron Monroe

      2. Brian Brown Post author

        Ron, it’s people like you who make what I do worthwhile, on the ground in these tiny communities trying to save or restore what little remains of their history. It’s such a shame it was torn down to begin with…I’ve long said it’s Scotland’s most important commercial structure…and of course, Scotland is very close to my heart as my Browning ancestors all come from there…

  2. Carolyn Dobbs Wilson

    The old post office was considered condemned, I think.. However the museum is located in a building by the railroad.

  3. Carolyn Dobbs Wilson

    The post office was the school bus stop for us in the 50s and 60s. There are plans for it to be a museum.


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