Old Stewart County Jail, Circa 1912, Lumpkin

Lumpkin Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “Old Stewart County Jail, Circa 1912, Lumpkin

  1. Diane Hill Kelly

    I lived in Lumpkin as a child. I remember it as it used to be, I suppose in the 1950’s. I went to school there from the first to the third grade. I remember the downtown vividly. My grandmother Ada Hill worked at the jail house there. She cooked for the prisoners and cleaned. She took me with her a lot of times but kept me away from the prisoners that were locked up. I remember a couple of kids that I went to school with, Becky, can’t remember her last name now, Roy Westbrook, whom I had a big crush on, Maxanne and her brother, can’t remember their last names, but we called her mother and father, Mimi and Bomb. I loved Lumpkin and hated it when we moved. My dad was in the service. We lived with my grandmother for a while and then lived in a “housing project” for a while and I remember mama calling the grocery store to “order” groceries. When we moved back to South Carolina, kids used to tease me because I used the phrase, mama’s “ordering” groceries. I still use that term today. I just can’t seem to break the habit! It’s changed a lot since then but it’s always been in my heart. I hope to see it again.

    Diane Hill Kelly


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