Shady Lane Drive-Inn, 1966, Tifton

“Bing” Hedge opened Shady Lane in 1966. Mark Redlinger purchased the business in 1971 and continues to operate it today. Many locals swear they have the best chili dogs to be found anywhere.



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22 responses to “Shady Lane Drive-Inn, 1966, Tifton

  1. Ben Towson’s

    Mar retired and sold the Shady Lane to Evan Morris

  2. Eva Nell King

    I can not believe no one mentioned the steak sandwiches. That is a must in our family. We have been eating them for years and love them. That is our favorite along with all of the other food. We have been going there for many years and still love to go there. Thank you for your loyal service.

  3. QB

    I’ve lived all over the country and tried chili dogs in multiple states. Shady Lane is by far THE BEST. It will continue to be my first stop when I visit home.

  4. C lyn Burnette

    When your mouth says Shady Lane, absolutely nothing else will do!!!


  6. LaDonna

    My mother, Ruth Hayes, told me she worked at Shady Lane way back in the day. And I remember as a child going to the Shady lane quite often with my grandparent, Clarence & Marcelle Lane. Shady Lane has always and still does have the best chili and slaw dogs!!!! My kids always loved going there and we still frequent Shady Lane pretty often. They have the best ice cream also (better than Dairy Queen).

  7. Darlene Parker

    We drive from Nashville to Tifton just for a Shady Lane Hot Dog ❤️

  8. Brice Flynn

    The nastiest chili dog I have ever put in my mouth. Nu Way is better….seeing as how I’m Macon born I’m kinda partial! I will say however their slaw dogs are good but the best thing at Shady Lane is their Apple Pies!

  9. Shirley Johnson

    They have the very best french fries anywhere around. And their slaw is out of this world delicious. Love it.

  10. Mark, you are so right good times indeed. I have often routed my travels through Tifton, so I could make a stop at the Shady Lane and grab some of those great chili dogs and/or sea burgers. My stops always resulted in a good experience, which means you still have a good crew.

  11. Worked there in the late 60’s early 70’s and have very found memories of those days. Especially the pressure of working the hot dog station on a Friday or Saturday night. It was unbelievable how many dogs we sold. We had great crew back then as well and were proud of the food and service we provided. Great food, shakes and floats! I stop by every time I travel through Tifton and get a supply of chili dogs and a couple of Sea Burgers. My dad always loved their cheeseburgers.

    • Deborah Redlinger

      Thanks for sharing your memories! BTW, Shady Lane is celebrating its 50th birthday this year! WooHoo!

    • Mark Redlinger

      Robert, I do remember you and your dad as well. You are right, we did have a great crew. Others who worked on night shift at that time were Tommy Dillard, Mickey Ford, Bobby Carson and Tim Steadley. Our dayshift included Bertha Stone, Dave Dixon, Faye Harris and Bruce Hale. Those were good old times.

  12. Martha Dillard

    I agree with all the comments about Shady Lane. Been in Tifton all my life and still have not found any better Chile Dogs!! Thanks for the post!

  13. Deborah Redlinger

    Thanks for including this picture of our business/sign. My husband and I own this restaurant and treasure the history it holds. The building was built and owned by Mr. “Bing” Hedge in 1966. Mark Redlinger purchased it in 1971 and continues to own and operate it today.

    • My pleasure, Deborah! I love your food, and love that you keep such a historic business going in these fast-paced times. I may try to reshoot the place next time I’m back near home. If you get a strange phone call from someone saying they’re Brian Brown and would like to photograph Shady Lane, you’ll know I’m in the area LOL!

    • Lee Bembry

      My wife and I would love to purchase and move home at some point. Pass the torch.

      • Charlie Darrington

        The first thing I remember about Shady Lane is my mom picking me up from the baby sitter and getting me a Shady Lane hot dogs and ice cream cone for being a good boy. I was about 3 at the time. Love it then and 50 years later I still do.

  14. Lori Jones

    Shady Lane, still there and still just as good as ever! If you ever get a chance to eat there they are famous for their chili dogs, milkshakes (pineapple is awesome), ice cream, and Sea Burgers. I lived in Tifton 13 yrs and still eat there every time I go. It is to Tifton what the Varsity is to Atlanta!!!

  15. Butch Smith

    What a special place to eat. It brings back evening spent cruising the shady lane, the varsity, and then back again. Life didn’t get any better than that. Thanks for the picture.

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