R. A. Bedgood House, 1894, Arabi

r a bedggood house arabi ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

This was the home of R. A. Bedgood, namesake and founder of Arabi. Thanks to Frances Fisher for the identification.

This is a view of the house, probably made soon after it was built. [Courtesy Arabi City Hall]

Arabi’s namesake, Mr. R. A. Bedgood, and family, date unknown. [Courtesy Arabi City Hall]


25 thoughts on “R. A. Bedgood House, 1894, Arabi

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  3. Sandra

    I lived in this house many years ago in the I think it was called the servants quaters.we stayed there about 1 year.we couldn’t stay any longer .music would play at night,no radio we owned. You would be woken Up by dishes crashed in the floor out of cabinets. Go in kitchen nothing out of place.someone stomping up and down stairs all hours of night.it was in our option haunted..we had a baby at the time…we made the decision to leave..but that was just our experience with with this house. I don’t want to offend anyone about the bedgood home it’s a beautiful home place I’m sure to family. But as for us never again..

  4. Jeff Walker

    My Uncle James Darlin owned this property to restore it to its former glory in the late 90’s until some issues came up with the land deed and some other issues. He lost the property before he passed away in 2000.

  5. Dianne Spelts

    Frances….I would so love to have a copy of the picture you mentioned with original owners. Do you know when the house was built? I have a family member buried in a family cemetery in a field across the road, I think. Civil war era. Thanks Dianne Spelts

  6. lila southwell

    I’ve lived in Arabi my entire life and so many stories about Bedgoods house floats around. Daddy has a pic of the house from long ago when there were still a sidewalk, lights post etc. I’ll have to try and get copy and post. You wouldn’t recognize the place. My Grandma, Pearl Pate South well shared many stories about this house. Wish I’d paid more attention.

    1. Jason salter

      Are you related to the late Velma southwell? She she was my grandma’s school teacher. Her daughter
      I think her name was Rumell married my great granddaddy’s sister son Herman young. They had 2 daughters named Vera and i forgot the other ones name

  7. christinefla73

    I am a native of Cordele, know living in Tifton. I have for years, even after moving away to North Carolina, FLorida and Tennessee, always make a pin to stop by and take a picture of this old beauty. I wish some one would fix it. It breaks my heart to think this will fade away with time as all good things do. I was taking my mom to Cordele today, and passed it, joking if I ever hit the lottery, will she come live with me there. This has been a childhood dream of mine.

  8. Sandra Bedgood Price-Aronson

    Ms. Francis, what a joy to see,would love,love to see Bedgood family
    photo’s along with the old homeplace. We are related and share a love
    for history and relatives. My uncle james Bedgood,son of Hansel and
    Hattie Mae Bedgood loved telling me stories of Arabi and Pavo. I have
    some old photos, I believe were taken there and would like to share
    as I inherited them from my family.
    Sandra Bedgood Price-Aronson

  9. M. Calhoun Sheriff

    My family were locals in the area. I tried to buy the Bedgood home during the 90’s. My husband and I were going to restore the home to it’s original charm and beauty. Our offers were turned down because, as we were told, ” the family decided to stay and do it themselves”. What a shame they dropped the ball and let it go into further ruin. It saddens me every time my husband and I visit the cemetary to place flowers on our family graves. We were going to follow the guidelines of the historical society to make sure it was original, and had we been allowed to purchase it, it would be loved and protected still today.

  10. Jennifer Collman

    My aunb and uncle used to live in the carriage house behind the main house after they were married in the early 70s. I thought this was the fanciest place on earth!

  11. Betty Courson

    It might be creepy at night, but can you imagine all the activity this home got in its “Hay Day.” It is such a shame that the past has to stay the past and fall away to sleep because no one lives here anymore. A home needs a body to stay alive. At least whoever owns it now could clean up around it or cut the grass, it still would remain a sight to see. I travel by it often and always want to stop. So sad that these beautiful homes have to fade away either behind vines or fall down because of age.

    1. Frances Fisher

      I have a picture of the original house and the original family who lived in this house and would be glad to share it. The house when built was painted inside and out by a traveling artist. In its hayday it was a very picturesque place I grew up in this house and I thoroughly enjoyed living there. My mother, Mrs. Richmond Ashley Bedgood was a very gracious hostess and we had many visitors.

      1. drtrd Post author

        So glad to know the story of this house, Frances. I’ve always been saddened to see it in its present condition, but what a beauty it must have been! I will change the title of the photograph, to reflect your information. Many of my relatives come from the Arabi area, mostly Pates…

      2. drtrd Post author

        Frances, if you have a scan or copy of the older photograph of the house, could you send it to wbrianbrownATgmailDOTcom. Thanks! I’d gladly post it and credit it to you…

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