Sutton House, 1899, Willacoochee


The late Cranford Sutton was Willacoochee’s unofficial historian and frequently wrote about the early days of the community. His greatest regret was that US Highway 82 divided the historic town and did away with much of its character.

Update: Black McCranie reports that as of late May 2021, this house is no longer standing. Michael Massey, a friend of the late Mr. Sutton’s, notes that he heard the house burned. I don’t know any other details.

Author: Brian Brown

Brian Brown is a documentary photographer, author, and historian who lives in Coastal Georgia.

7 thoughts on “Sutton House, 1899, Willacoochee”

  1. Wonderful memories of Cranford and this old house. Our last visit included pimento cheese sandwiches and iced tea on the front porch. Entertainment was my very own piano concert, followed by a limo ride around town. He was such a wonderful person with such positive energy. You are loved and missed, Cranford.

  2. I had the pleasure of personally knowing “Cran”. He was a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. He invited a friend and me to come down and spend a Saturday afternoon with him. We dined on homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and sweet tea. He was an amazing pianist and lovely host. His home was warm and inviting as he was. His death was our loss. He would always say good bye with a smile and a wish, “light and happiness to you”.

  3. The owner of this beautiful home beleived in preserving the history of small towns in GA. He loved this home and his home town. He would be so pleased with what you are doing.

    1. Thanks, Ash. Your comment brought Cranford Sutton to mind; I don’t know why I hadn’t already identified this house as his. He wrote a wonderful little essay about Willacoochee in a book published by the University of Wisconsin years ago, which really captured the spirit of the place…

  4. The owner was found shot in the head a few months ago; It was suicide.. They are thinking of turning this home into a tiny museum.

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