Tobacco Barn, Tift County

If my notes are correct, this is located on Ferry Lake Road.


7 thoughts on “Tobacco Barn, Tift County

  1. Charlie

    I actually live in an old tobacco barn in tifton and not far from this picture ( im on 319 north)
    , though it’s a tad larger than thus one and made instead from logs so I’d stretch to say it’s a little older than the one pictured

  2. Elsie Hogan Maloy

    I grew up in Tift County. This looks exactly like the one on ourr place near Omega. Where is exact location?

      1. Bruce Wilson

        I think the family’s last name might have been Moore. If this is where I’m thinking it was.

  3. marymimbs

    my grandfather had tobacco barn on ferrys lake road we use to play and work there when we were visiting him. married to annie lou hall walker love this picture brings back memories thanks

  4. oscar

    I`m a newcomer to the south. I`m also a trained photographer. I have to say that your pics of the “Dissapearing South” project are an example of deep thought & worthy of admiration! Not good,BUT GREAT JOB of capturing these images! I had in mind to do such a project,but you beat me to it. I`m sure there`s still a great many subjects out there in the south worthy of a good photographer. So in following your footsteps on this noble work, It inspires me to continue/add to such a great sentimental project for our future generations! Respectfully yours: Oscar M. Perez


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