Central Hallway Farmhouse, Ogeechee

This house has been a landmark of the Ogeechee community for as long as I can remember. It has an attached kitchen at the rear.


5 thoughts on “Central Hallway Farmhouse, Ogeechee

  1. Kathy Klein

    I was doing research on my mother, Catherine Dickey who was born in Ogeechee Georgia. I love these photographs. Her side of the family is from Screven County. Thank you for these great photos.

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  3. Thomas

    Do you know the specific address for this farm home? Was it on Ogeechee rd in Screven County? Right off the road or down a dirt path? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

    1. drtrd Post author

      I don’t know the specific address, Thomas, but I can tell you it’s located on the road coming north out of Statesboro, on the left before you turn off to go toward Scarboro.


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