Sycamore School, Turner County

This is one of numerous old schools throughout Georgia that stand empty and in real danger of being lost. Their large size often prohibits feasible renovation, as does the outrageously expensive removal of lead paint, asbestos, and other hazardous chemicals.

13 thoughts on “Sycamore School, Turner County

  1. Deedie Fay Cameron

    I went to 5th grade there in ‘68-69. It was a beautiful old school. We used to see plays in the auditorium. We had basketball practice in the old gym there. I would love to see it one more time before it’s gone. Maybe this weekend.

  2. robert alexander

    I attended 1949,50,51 1st. & 2nd. grade. I went by a few years ago I wanted to break in and look around but my wife talked me out of it. I lived with my Grandfather & Grandmother William Henry Alexander & Mattie Wynn Alexander

  3. Martha Hairston

    I went to school here for the first 8 years of school. My mom , myself and both my children went here.

  4. Vicki Irvin Knight

    Both my Dad and I went to this school along with his brother and sister and my youngest brother. It was a 1st thru 11th school when my dad attended. I went to elementary school as a child until the 6th grade. Such a shame this building could not have been restored. I have many fond memories there. I remember Ms.Edna Durham well along with Ms. Bacon, Ms. Denham, Ms. Wells, Ms. Wardlow, Mr. Nazworth, and others. It was a wonderful time in this beautiful old school. I believe Jimmy Alberson was principal for the most part and then Wayne Baxter was there when we left in 1969 (?). Thanks for all these wonderful photos.
    Vicki Irvin Knight

    1. Janet Hardy

      I am so happy to see that someone remembered my Aunt Edna Durham. I also loved Miss Maggie Denham, and Mrs Wells. I didn’t know the other two, but am sure they were just as wonderful, too. Jimmy Alberson was one of my teachers in the 7th grade.

  5. Janet Hardy

    My Aunt Edna Durham taught at this school for about 40 years, and I attended 7th grade there. I met many wonderful people in Sycamore over the years.

  6. Lucille Farmer Brooks

    I loved that school. Started off in the first grade and went all 12 grades there. Graduated in 1956. Really enjoyed going to all the basketball games. Still have family there and go back often. I always have to go by and look at the old school.

  7. Jenny Nelson Venable

    I graduated from Sycamore High School in 1956. Mr. Sims was the principal. I still have family in Ashburn and continue to visit regularly. I will always relish the good times in south Georgia and remember a lot of the bad
    times. I think those times made me a much stronger and better person.

  8. Ethel Brooks Marshall

    I went to this school growing up in the 50’s in Route 3 , Ashburn ,Ga..It was then a 1st thro the 12 grades..Mr Helms was the principal…Lots of good teachers, but many horried days of bullying, ungodly bashing,teasing, pushing. treatment from some of the other students..mostly the boys students. the best part was the auditorium.. the friday plays..
    I can’t believe it has been abandonend..prolly because of the paint. Oh the huge windows and the radiator heaters brings back fond memories too….I have no regrets to moving away from south Ga, to Orlando to find jobs..I picked cotten in the fifties for school clothes..I have been back often to visit some relatives stil there..and always go to this Sycamore school to take pics of it.. i love going to least you had running water and a bathroom and was warm..

      1. Jeff Cooper

        I attended third and fourth grades there–two of the hardest school years of my life. It might as well have been run by Catholic nuns the way we were treated. As a pediatrician now, I’d have one of my teachers put in jail if she were doing now what she did then to those children!

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