Long Pond School, Montgomery County

This now serves as the Long Pond community house.

5 thoughts on “Long Pond School, Montgomery County

  1. john mcrae

    Sarah McRae, the fourth child of my GGG Grand Parents, Christopher and Catherine McLeod McRae, was born on 15 April 1797 In Marlboro District ,S.C. and died 16 July 1886,Long Pond ,Ga. Married Samuel McAllister 29 July 1798 -26 March 1863 , in Long Pond,Ga. buried at the McAllister Cemetery in Long Pond. In 1832 they moved to their home on Old River Road which stills stand today.They were Methodists and attended attended the Old Salem Church in the 1850’s before t was relocated, rebuilt and became the Long Pond Methodist Church. They were the parents of six children. Many are buried in the McAllister cemetery across the road from the old homestead.


    My Great Great Great Grandparents lived here
    From about 1840 to early 1900s.
    Williams Family
    Cooper Family
    Mcgahee/ Maddox Family

  3. Mary Ann McAllister

    My father’s family is from Montgomery county. Each year we have a family reunion at the Long Pond Community House. The last Sunday of September. I appreciate your photos and any stories. Thank you

  4. Tarrel Clark

    I attended the first grade in this building. The school closed after my first year and we were bussed to Alston. Mrs McArthur (or Macarthur) was my teacher. I learned to read the “Dick and Jane” book and how to write my name. Also smoked my first cigarette in the outdoor toilet. Not much learning but a lot of memories. I walked to school with Drucilla and Julian Goff.


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