Wasdan House, Boston

boston ga wasdan huffmaster house phoitograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010



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14 responses to “Wasdan House, Boston

  1. butch young

    Year built. Last year it was lived n.

  2. rodney hiers

    I have seen this house for years and years! My grandfather’s house is across the street from it……it was in view from his porch! I have taken pictures of it in recent years! …..I love me some Historical places…:-) (Rodney Hiers)

  3. John

    Actually this was not the Huffmaster house. It was the Wasdan house and the daughter married a Huffmaster and they did live there very briefly.

  4. Jackie

    Just came across this site – have been viewing your photos on flickr for some time now and really, really was happy to come across more info on you and on this photo in particular. I just love it! Very unhappy to hear that it might not exist anymore.
    Want to thank you for all your effort in “preserving” these places – my relatives are from southern GA (Young family from Quitman), and you are my “eyes” to this area – I have lived my life in MA. Can’t tell you what it means to view your photos – they give me a “sense of place” that I could not get otherwise…I am truly so grateful for your sensibility and caring that our heritage does not disappear.

  5. Robert

    I love this olde house!!
    I used to work at the Walker Dairy Farm on Hickory Head Rd. off Hwy. 221 near Quitman. Passed by this olde house all the time on the way to work.

    Stumbed upon this site while searching for info on South GA Agriculture.

    Awesome Pics!! Great work Brian!

    Robert (Tifton, GA)

  6. JD Faughn

    Glad to see this photo! I would like to add a more specific location. This house is located just south of Quitman, GA. From the Quitman courthouse, take SR333 South about a mile, then take US221 South. The house is on the right side of the road as you make the right onto US221, and the Old Quitman Road veers off to the left. Love this house!

    • Stan Arline

      For a long time this was the Huffmaster home,the last adult son to live there was killed in a automobile accident.

      • Thanks, Stan! I’ve always admired this house and now I have a name to apply to it. Even if they weren’t the only ones who lived there, I’ll change the title to reflect your information…

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