Bridges Pharmacy, Leary

The building with the Harpe Grocery sign was originally a pharmacy. Milton Kidd writes that in the 1940s, this was Dr. Bridges’s pharmacy. Carole Mallett Lechner recalls a later pharmacist working there, Charles A. Roberts.


3 thoughts on “Bridges Pharmacy, Leary

  1. Carole Mallett Lechner

    I think this was originally the drug store. The pharmicist name was Charles A. Roberts. His wife was refered to affectionately by many as Aunt Mamie. They are buried in the Leary cemetery along with Aunt Mamie’s mother Leila “mama” Reeves.

    1. Milton Kidd

      You’re likely correct at one point, but when I was a kid there in the 40’s, this was Dr. Bridges’ drugstore. Miss Mamie Roberts was actually the postmistress in the old post office which was on the opposite side of the Morgan/Newton highway, but one door down from Maxwell Dixon’s Service Station (also I remember a Pontiac dealer). That was the P.O. where I used to go to get the mail – twice a day – when the train came through from east in the a.m. (Albany) and from the west in the p.m. (can’t remember from where). Further down beyond the post office was an old brick “hotel” (behind which for a while the Tenilles lived) and then crossing the next dirt road was the Grady and Virginia Sauls house, then a field, and then the Colley House where my Homer Lunsford grandparents lived. Great all these memories (not to mention good for the brain to conjure).


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