Abandoned Farm, Elmodel

I’m not sure if the house or windmill is still standing. The truck bears the name Ben T. Hall.

Update: As of 2015, these structures are no longer standing.


3 thoughts on “Abandoned Farm, Elmodel

  1. Anna Smith

    Very interesting! I also have photography as a hobby and we are home owners on the Ichuway Notchaway creek. I live in Tallahassee, FL now, but grew up in Bainbridge, GA. I have also photographed the dam many many times and in every season! It is beautiful!! I have also photographed the old “mansion” we call it. Great shots at sunset. I have hundreds of photos of the creek and surrounding areas. The creek is one of my most favorite places on earth. Would love to share some of my pics!

  2. Warren Kirbo, artist


    You are fantastic! My site above tells what I have done for 35 years. I would also want to point you towards the OLD DAM at ELMODEL on the Ichuay Plantation. My grandfather built that. But alas!! you provide no means for me to attach the photo of when it was being built. There are a lot more things I would share. I asked you five or six weeks ago to phone me TOLL FREE at 877 859 9054. Or E-mail me an address so I can send you some of what I have. The FLINT RIVER ARTS COUNCIL just completed a series of classes for photographers. Again … phone me any time day or night, I am the only one who will answer this phone.

    Warren Kirbo, Mt Juliet TN, a native of southwest georgia.


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