The Montgomery Monitor, Mount Vernon

The Montgomery Monitor, the official organ of Montgomery County, was established by D. C. Sutton and has been published, in one form or another, since 1886. H. B. Folsom was a longtime owner and editor. The Coca-Cola mural was restored in the 2000s.

5 thoughts on “The Montgomery Monitor, Mount Vernon

  1. Donna McClelland

    My mother was from Mount Vernon and always told great stories about her childhood there. She was born in 1926. We drove through in 1996 and I have a picture of this building. She had a friend who learned the newspaper business there. Was also where my grandmother had her genealogy newsletter printed . Have a number of old pictures of Mount Vernon.. Even have a bluebird feather she found as a child in front of the old Mount Vernon Hotel which she said was behind the Court House. We sure had fun on that trip! She had never been back since the 1940;s.

    In the picture album she had a saying she found. “When you return to your boyhood town, you find it wasn’t the town you longed for– It was your boyhood.” –Earl Wilson

  2. Valerie Harville Sarratori

    I love the old buildings of the old south….I grew up in Kibbee Georgia (Montgomery Co) then we moved to Glenwood Georgia (Wheeler County) I live out of state now and never thought I would miss the small town atmosphere and slow pace but I do ….thanks for the pics!

  3. Janis F Gilder

    The Coca-Cola Mural had been restored shortly before the photo shown. The building it is painted on is the old Montgomery Monitor office. I grew up in Mount Vernon and that building has been there a very long time. I was afraid that the Coca-cola mural would soon be non-existant but thankfully it was given a refreshing coat of paint. It now ages gracefully once more.
    The Yellow Victorian located in Mount Vernon now belongs to my son. Thankfully, he enjoys and reveres treasures of the past. He has learned to appreciate things more that are earned with blood, sweat and tears.

    To the inspiring mind that created this site I wish to offer my thanks. We travel past these views of our heritage never knowing if we will see them again or not. Thank you for this wonderful view.

    1. drtrd Post author

      Janis, your kind words made my day! I’m so glad when like-minded people find my site. It’s a lot of work, bu I think it’s definitely worth the effort. Thanks for the information on the mural, too. I hope people in Mount Vernon appreciate it!


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