A. B. C. Dorminy House, Fitzgerald

fitzgerald ga webb farmhouse photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This house was located next to Dorminy Medical Center in Fitzgerald and was the last of the old houses remaining on Perry House Road. I believe it was demolished in 2012 or 2013. Chip Dorminy writes: This house was the home of the A.B.C Dorminy family , also home to Southside Dairy which my Grandmother ran.


16 thoughts on “A. B. C. Dorminy House, Fitzgerald

  1. Tee

    Hi Brian wanted to know if you have any pictures of the Dorminy Hospital? I think it existed during the 1950s. Tdetde

  2. Chip Dorminy

    This house was the home of the A.B.C Dorminy family , also home to Southside dairy which my Grandmother ran. The Webb home place was across the road.
    A.B.C. Dorminy 111 (Chip)

  3. cristy

    Any updates on this beautiful home? Several people looking at wanting to keep from being torn down. I pray it wasn’t and it remains a part of our history!

  4. Chris

    Hi Brian.

    I am from Australia.
    We like the look of this house and would like to use in a retouched photography we are working on. Placing it upon a hill.

    I would like to request permission to use it. It will be very small almost unrecognisable but it’s definitely the house we want.

    Could you let me know of your process.

    Cheers Chris.

  5. Betty Courson

    It is such a lovely old house. I moved from Fitzgerald in 1968 and looking at the past that is left to fade away is so heart breaking. I certainly hope you success in buying the house, it would come to life with a little love and care. Thank you Brian for your interest in the past. I am throughly enjoying your web site.

  6. Rebecca Tank

    I am very interested in buying this house to move to my land. Would love to refurbish it to its earlier glory. It would be a shame to let it ruin like so many other old homes around the south.

    1. S. Webb

      My husband, G. Webb, would like to know just where this house is located….we’re across the Savannah River in SC. Many thanks.

  7. constance Kruger

    Brian, what great work ( You are so special to me). I saw that old house this morning. The fields around it are being cleared, and I was wondering if they were going to ter it down That’s
    ameericans for you! It could be moved, couldn’t it?

  8. Patricia Goggins

    Looks like an old house that I recognize. I enjoy riding through Fitzgerald, Douglas and Ocilla. I call it God’s country. I spent three days in Milledgeville last weekend getting closer to God’s.


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