First Baptist Church, 1920, Sylvester

historic sylvester first baptist church ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Though begun in 1900, this church didn’t take on its present appearance until a complete remodel in 1920. The congregation dates to 1891.


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7 responses to “First Baptist Church, 1920, Sylvester

  1. Joy Hobbs

    Turner ….no…………worth county yes

  2. L. Bridges

    was married here in 1985…grew up going to church here

  3. I just checked Google Maps, using the satellite function. Check on Pope Street, directly across from the current library. Look for a white wood-frame building.

  4. I entered that old Presbyterian Church (the current one is elsewhere in town) once. I recognized instantly where the pulpit would have been.
    And you are welcome, of course.

  5. If my memory is correct, the former building for the Presbyterian Church (then the former library) is near Pinson Memorial United Methodist Church. The old Presbyterian Church/library looks like a church.

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