Willis Service Station, Ty Ty

Stan Moye writes: I grew up about 100 yards from this store. It was owned by my grandfather Everett B. Daniel and rented to his cousin, Ed Willis, who operated it as a gas station, or “fillin station” as we called it.


9 thoughts on “Willis Service Station, Ty Ty

  1. John G. Willis

    My father Russell Parker Willis was first cousin to Ed Willis, Hardy Willis Was the father of Ed Willis. We lived on Parks Road at Salem church rd. intersection.

  2. Colt Frierson

    My 4th Great Grandparents, John and Mary Anna (Willis) Mullis lived in Ty Ty. Mary Anna’s parents were Dempsey and Mary Ann (Baker) Willis and they are all buried at Old Ty Ty Primitive Baptist. I have found an old picture of Dempsey Willis house but I’m not sure if the old homestead is still standing. Thanks for the blog I love reading the forgotten history of Georgia! These are the stories of the everyday, hardworking farmers and their families that not only built Georgia but all of America. God Bless!

  3. Tommy Pritchett

    The red brick house in the photo is where my family moved to, from a house nearby owned by my grandfather, Chesley Sumner, when I was 11 years old. Lots of great memories of Mr. Ed’s, Daniels Grocery, Stephens’ Grocery (owned and operated by my stepfather, Harold Stephens), Walkers, Castleberrys, The Shack Cafe, Davis Grocery, Shaw’s Grocery, Goin’s Fish Mkt and so much more.

  4. Chuck Goins

    Fond memories indeed. My grandmother was good friends with Mr. & Mrs. Willis. The Willis’ lived in a small wood-frame house just across US82, right next to the brick fertilizer warehouse that you have pictured in another Ty Ty photo. It was torn down years ago.

  5. Stan Moye

    I grew up about 100yds from this store. It was owned by my grandfather Everett B. Daniel and rented to his cousin, Ed Willis, who operated it as a gas station, or “fillin station” as we called it. It is located on the southeast quadrant of Highway 82 and Church St. in TyTy, Georgia.
    I know the stories of the settlers, their sons and daughters who lived, worked and died in this particular place and that is what it reminds me of.

  6. john wayne mcrae

    For preserving in photographs, our history of South Georgia, I thank you.
    Looks like you are on U.S. Highway 41.
    Although the store , the barn with “See RocK City” painted on the roof are gone, my fond memories of Inaha will never fade. My Aunt and Uncle, Margaret and Jim Hale, ran the Inaha store for a Mr. Smith. I believe the store was called Smiths Grocery. When Dad was in Europe during WW2, we lived with them at the Smith place across the tracks.
    I spent many very happy summer vacations at the store. Margaret and Jim always had Lemon -Lime sodas in the Coke cooler and with out fail , saved me a package of cinnamon rolls, with the thickest white icing on top that would make any youngin smile.
    A night I could hear the singing of car tires , see their headlights, as they rolled over those red clay hills headed for places I know not of.
    This is truly my favorite childhood memory.


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