Nesmith General Store, Bulloch County


I’ve never been able to identify this store. It collapsed in the spring of 2013, as seen below. It took many years, but I finally got an identification from K. Lynn Bowen-Williams: …it is located on my family’s property. The country store was original to the farm property it is located on, along with the Folk Victorian house on the property, that was originally owned and built by John Sovereign/Servant Nesmith Jr.The house and property were later purchased by my grandparents, Dew Hines Smith and Kate Harville Smith (yes, one of the many Harvilles of Bulloch county), and are currently owned by my mother, Kathryn S. Bowen.



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2 responses to “Nesmith General Store, Bulloch County

  1. Lynn Bowen-Williams

    This old country store is a part of my family’s property in Nevils, GA located on JS Nesmith Road. It was original to the Folk Victorian house and farm property, initially owned by John Sovereign Nesmith Jr, later purchased by my grandparents Dew H. Smith and Kate Harville Smith, and currently owned by my mother, Kathryn S. Bowen.

  2. phil

    a classic old store building ,Brian .

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