Wayside Inn, Circa 1850s, Fort Gaines

This served as a temporary Confederate hospital in 1863. I believe it was built in the 1850s.

Fort Gaines Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


5 thoughts on “Wayside Inn, Circa 1850s, Fort Gaines

      1. neatnik2009

        Write a comment at one of my blogs and leave an email address. I will send the document to you via that address and delete the comment without ever posting it.

        Kenneth Taylor

  1. neatnik2009

    These sites look familiar, for my parents used to live in Fort Gaines, where I visited them. I also wrote my M.A. thesis on race relations and public schools in Clay County. “Dining on Jim Crow,” I called it. The old white school was next to where the old gymnasium is located. The annexes are still there and much of the outline of the old building is visible on the ground level. That might be worth a few posts on your blog. And the old Speight building, home of the consolidated African-American school, most recently Clay County High School (when there was one) and then the elementary school (before the current building), dating to the 1950s, is in the east part of town, behind a residential neighborhood. That might also be worth some posts on your blog.


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