Tom’s Barber Shop, Blakely

Joan Herndon writes that Tom Riley and Keaton Tiner have operated this barber shop since 1963, at least, and that it is still open for business. Amazing. Dan Westbrook notes that before then it served as Charlie Dunning’s barber shop.

Blakely Court Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


6 thoughts on “Tom’s Barber Shop, Blakely

  1. Melissa

    Tom Riley is my Great-uncle on my Daddy’s side of the family. If you ever are driving through, You should stop in to see Uncle Tom and get a haircut. He is well respected, well liked, and a wonderful man who loves to tell stories. I remember getting my hair washed and cut a few times at the barber shop by my Great-aunt.

  2. Joan Herndon

    For the years I have lived in Early County–Keaton Tiner and Tom Riley ran Tom’s barber Shop–1963 until now 2012, it is still open for business.

    Henry and Joan Herndon


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