Shingle-Style House, Baxley


This has been home to Mayers Florist for many years.




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6 responses to “Shingle-Style House, Baxley

  1. Ann

    I grew up in Baxley. I have been in this house/ business many times. I worked at Mayers Florist years ago. Michael Mayers the owner. It has been Mayers Florist for at least 30 years. It is located next to First Methodist Church on Main Street. Michael is a very nice gentleman and would be glad to give you some historical facts

  2. phil

    A beautiful home , angles , arches , colorful ,and that chimney on the right side of the house is amazing .

  3. Hugh Harris West

    O.K. I looked again and was intriqued by the slant of the porch roof. The arched lattice and porch railings gives a significant amount of warmth and personality to this place. What is the past and present history of this house?

  4. Hugh Harris West

    I loved this house. The green reroof shingles were such a compliment to the pink shingles and window trim. It is the most unique dwelling I have seen in a long time. I took a day trip to Baxley once but must keep my eyes open next time.

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