J. B. Harvey Grocery, Meldrim


John Degnan, who lived in Meldrim for 37 years, identified this structure as a store that was owned by J. B. Harvey for many years. He shared the following photos.

Courtesy John Degnan

This historical photograph, which is not dated nor credited, shows Mr. Harvey tidying the sidewalk in front of his store. The old Meldrim Depot is visible in the background. The image below was made by Mr. Degnan before the building was repainted and the windows replaced/filled in.
© John Degnan, used with permission

The store had different owners and names over the years, one of which was Meldrim Grocery.



4 responses to “J. B. Harvey Grocery, Meldrim

  1. WRK

    I just stopped in Meldrim in search of information on my Grandfather who was a RR Engineer for the COG railroad who lived at Meldrim. died 1919 I spoke to a man who lived I believe at this building who said is was an old RR building. Russell King

  2. I lived in Meldrim for 37 years, and still live nearby. I have taken many photos around the town, including a few of this, same old store back before it was renovated to the state seen in this photo. If you’d like to use my earlier photos of this old store, I would gladly send them to you.

  3. Just fantastic Brian. You are such a treasure. The rail disaster was most moving. All the photos are great, as always.

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